Pass A Kidney Stone

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At renal diabetic diet, we think kidney stones are probably the most painful thing you will ever pass through your body, short of giving labor of course. Some kidney stones are large and difficult to pass while others are small and we barely even notice at all.

It’s when the kidney stones are large when they are a problem.

The number thing you must do to help a kidney stone pass quickly is to drink a lot of water. Some doctors recommend drinking enough to pass 2 quarts of urine a day. Not only will this help kidney stones pass, but it will also help prevent some kidney stones from forming as it dilutes the urine and toxicity concentration in the body… especially salt. Salt is probably the biggest culprit causing kidney problems. Please limit your intake of salt no matter what you do.

The second thing needed to help a kidney stone pass quickly is to encourage walking. When the body is active, everything gets “cycled”, so the stones passes quickly.

In addition, you must also watch your calcium intake. Now, this causes a conflict with many older people, especially women as they are encouraged to take calcium pills for bone lose and osteoporosis. A good solution is to consider light weight training, even if the weight is 5lbs extra with a weight vest or dumbbells.

There are many things you must do for a kidney stone to pass and it can be confusing to even the smartest of people. There are websites that offer assistance and tips. Some will recommend organic, others more natural and some even promote the use of herbs. All these ideas may work and be good for you, but you should consult with your doctor for your medical needs and requirements… especially if you are on a renal diabetic diet.

Certain medicines may work for you, but not for others. Make sure you pick a doctor you trust and can get you results.

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